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How to unlock costume variants for free:

• Play the free game Injustice 2 on mobile to buy costumes with points earned on and and so to unlock them in the game Injustice: the gods are among us on the console. The synchronization between the two versions is done by logging into your Warner Bros account (WBID) on both games: here is the hack for Injustice 2 particularly useful and free!

The costumes to unlock for the console game are ::

Knightfall Bane Costume: Rate the mobile game Injustice via the game menu to unlock.
Batman Beyond Costume: Get a character card Batman.
The New 52 Green Lantern Costumes: Complete a bonus battle in the Injustice mobile game.
Arkham Harley Quinn Costume: Get a character card Joker.
Yellow Lantern Costume: Win a ranked online game as Green Lantern.
Boss Grundy Costume: Do a classic fight entirely.
Godfall Superman Costume: Unlocked by finishing the Game History Mode once.
Flash Suit: Log in to a Warner Bros account on the console version.
Costume Nightwing: Unlocked by reaching level 30. Shazam Costume: Complete all Shazam STAR Labs missions.
Kryptonite Lex Costume: Complete all STAR Labs missions.
Elseworld Flash Costume: Complete all STAR Labs missions with 3 Stars.
Regime and Insurgency costumes for each character: Unlock them by spending access cards earned in level.

Apparently, there are many more character costumes that you can unlock through the game and thus hack fore  Injustice 2 to unlock the costumes. By fully finishing the game modes, you will be able to gather experience points to buy alternative costumes.

Injustice 2 Super Players Features :

• The Season Pass Bonus Point Pack: Includes 3 alternative costumes for Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Deathstroke.
• The pre-order bonus to GameStop / EB Games (for USA / Canada) and GAME (England) is the Red Son Pack. Includes 3 alternative costumes for Superman, Wonder Woman and Solomon Grundy.
• The pre-order bonus at Wal-Mart (USA) and EB Games (Canada) is the Batman: Arkham City DLC pack. Includes 3 alternative costumes for Batman, Joker and Catwoman.
• The pre-order bonus at Best Buy (USA) and Amazon (Germany) is Batman’s Blackest Knight costume.
• The Collector’s Edition contains the Pack The New Skin 52. Includes 3 alternative costumes for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.
• The DLC Arrow “TV Show” for Green Arrow.

Finally, the last codes for Injustice: the gods are among us :

How to unlock Zombie mode

• The DLC Mode “Blackest Night” Zombie can be unlocked by pre-ordering the game at Best Buy (USA), Amazon (Germany), or JB Hi-Fi (Australia). These hack for Injustice 2 you unlock the Zombie mode, where all characters in the game turn into undead!

One can assume that these pre-order bonus costumes and zombie mode will be available in DLC paying later.

There are no other codes for Injustice 2  on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U at the moment, but count on me to warn you if I find others!